Frequently Asked Questions for Broadway Subscriptions

We are excited to welcome you to our inaugural Broadway Season! As you explore becoming a Season Seat Member, you may have questions. Below you'll find our most Frequently Asked Questions about becoming a Season Seat Member.

Inaugural Broadway Member Guide

What are the latest rescheduled dates for my Broadway season shows?

Thank you for your patience while we work to reschedule your Broadway season shows!

  • Visit our Broadway Updates Page to keep up-to-date with any Broadway season schedule changes.
  • Visit our mobile information page for helpful hints and keeping up with your ticket dates!
  • Take a look at this reference sheet that takes the original Broadway season schedule dates and how they correlate to the current dates.

Do I have to buy for all six Broadway shows or do I get to pick and choose which shows I want on my package?

As a Season Seat Member, you are subscribing to all six shows that are on the Broadway season. Please note this is not connected to concerts, Greensboro Opera, Greensboro Symphony or the Guilford College Bryan Series.

If I wish to sit with a group of friends, do we have to buy together?

Yes, it will be easier for you to buy your seats together on one account if your group of friends wishes to sit together in the inaugural season.

When will tickets to individual shows be on sale?

Individual tickets to shows on the Broadway at Tanger 2020-21 Season will be announced one to two weeks ahead of their single ticket on-sale dates. Become a Tanger Insider to receive our latest updates.

Do you have accessibility options at Tanger Center?

Yes, Tanger Center is a fully accessible performance venue with options for parking, seating, restrooms and we have provisions for American Sign Language and Assistive Listening Devices. Service animals are welcome. Please contact us to make arrangements for Sign Language needs at least 1 month prior to you scheduled performance. For parking and drop-off information, please visit our Parking Page.

How can I make exchanges?

Exchanges and add-ons are currently available for Season Seat Members. We recommend exchanging as early as possible for best seating options and you must make this request at 5 p.m. on the Sunday prior to show opening. Please note if you are exchanging into a higher priced performance or seating location, a price difference may apply. 

You can add on seats here and exchange seats here.

Account Manager Guide for Exchanges

Check out our mobile information page for more helpful tips.

If you exchanged your seats prior to January 10, 2020, your exchanged seats will be in your season ticket booklet, which was mailed in April.

If you made an exchange of your season tickets after January 10, your original tickets are included in your season ticket booklet, not your new tickets. When you exchange those particular tickets, the original tickets will no longer be valid, and we will mail your exchanged seats separately from your ticket booklet.

How do I resell my season tickets?

Should you not want to make an exchange and wish to re-sell tickets to one of your shows, visit Account Manager. See this guide for help on posting your ticket listing. Should you want to cancel your ticket listing, visit the Ticket Exchange and use this guide for help.

When can I add on to my season seats?

Exchanges and add-ons for Season Seat members are currently available. Please note that tickets added to your season account are subject to convenience fees. You can add on seats here and exchange seats here.

Account Manager Guide for Add-Ons

Check out our mobile information page for more helpful tips.

Where can I park?

As a Season Seat Member, you will have parking in one of three downtown parking decks. Visit our Parking page for more detailed information. If you would like to purchase VIP parking in the lot adjacent to Tanger Center for the season, you may do so here in Account Manager.

Should I choose to do a payment plan, when do my payments start?

Payments start at the time you purchase your subscription(s), and the first payment will happen when you select your seats. Please note that payment plans are no longer available for Season Seat purchases made after November 2019.

Where are the restrooms located at Tanger Center?

In the Main Lobby level, servicing Orchestra and lower Grand Tier seating: 

  • The double-size Women’s Restroom is located just off the main lobby as you enter at this level.
  • The Men’s restrooms are on the Left and Right (West and East) side corridors.
  • There is a Gender Neutral/Family Restroom on each side corridor.

On the Grand Tier Lobby level:

  • The Women’s restroom is on the Right (East side).
  • The Men’s restroom is located on the Left (West side).
  • A Gender Neutral/Family Restroom is located beside the Men’s Restroom (West side).

On the Loge Level:

  • There are 2 very large Women’s Restrooms located off the Loge lobby with side corridor entrances.
  • There are 2 Men’s Restrooms on the Left and Right (West and East sides) corridors.
  • A Gender Neutral/Family Restroom is located on the Right (East side) corridor.

When will my tickets be mailed?

Your season ticket booklets were mailed in April 2020. Note that our inaugural Broadway season has seen a number of rescheduled dates which are here and while your printed tickets are still valid, we strongly suggest you keep track of your show dates in your Account Manager. If you made an exchange since buying your original ticket, your most recent date will correspond to the new dates.

We will no longer mail new season ticket packages after June 1.  All Add-on and Exchange tickets should be managed digitally in Account Manager.  We will not be mailing any Add-On and Exchange tickets. 


Your parking passes are also still valid and can also be added to your mobile wallet; these are to be shown in the parking deck for entry. For President’s Club Members, please be sure to bring your physical drink tickets for redemption.


For information on mobile ticketing, click here.

Can I manage my tickets online?

We strongly encourage patrons to manage your season seats in Account Manager

I’m having trouble receiving emails even though it’s correct on my contact information in Account Manager.

  • Firstly, make sure that is in your contacts so that our emails do not go into your spam filter.
  • We have noticed that some patrons who use Road Runner accounts (i.e. have experienced issues receiving our emails. We suggest that you update your contact email that does not use that type of domain. For help, see this guide.

I am a President’s Club member. I need to exchange my seats for a performance that does not have any President’s Club seats left. Can I still exchange into other seats and use my benefits?

  • Yes, you will still get VIP parking and access to the President’s Club lounge for your new performance. Please note that exchanging will invalidate both tickets and benefits from your original performance.
  • President's Club members adding on seats for subscription week shows will not receive added lounge passes or VIP parking.

Will your season of shows overlap with other venues that are near the Triad?

The Tanger Center is committed to bringing the top touring Broadway productions to the Triad on an annual basis. These touring productions may or may not be performing at other cities in North Carolina during the same seasons. The number of shows, if any, that are scheduled to perform in multiple North Carolina markets may vary each season.

Is there a ticket limit on the number of Broadway Season Seat Memberships I can buy?

You may purchase up to 8 (eight) Broadway Season Seat Memberships per person.

How can I contact Tanger Center with further questions?

For assistance, e-mail:, or call the Tanger Information Line at 336.373.7575

For hours, visit our Contact Us page.