We are excited to welcome you to our inaugural 2020-21 Broadway Season! As you explore becoming a Season Seat Member, you may have a few questions. Below you'll find our most Frequently Asked Questions with answers.

Does my $100 deposit per ticket apply to my overall package price?

Yes, your $100 deposit per ticket will apply in the overall package price for the inaugural season. However, you will be purchasing an overall package that will guarantee your seats to all six shows on the inaugural season. As a member, you will have the same seats to all six shows on your chosen evening. Please note that this purchase is for Broadway season shows only and that you will be able to renew annually to keep your seats or have a chance at moving to better seats if/when there is availability.

What will subscription pricing be like?

There will be different price levels depending on your selected seating level. These prices will be announced when we announce the full season in spring 2019. Note that several payment plans will be available in each price point.

When will I receive my receipt for my deposit?

If you order by phone, our ticketing agent will e-mail you the receipt that day. If you purchase via the online portal, the receipt will be sent immediately. Please note that within a few days after your purchase, you will receive an additional receipt with further details of your deposit purchase.

Is the $100 a fee for subscriptions?

The $100 you are putting down per ticket is not a ticket price or fee, it is simply a deposit to hold your place in line to purchase the full subscription of the inaugural season.

How do I renew seats in the future?

Patrons making deposits will be in line to make full subscription purchases for the inaugural 2020-21 season. When we announce the second season for the 2021-22 year, you will be able to renew your season seat package by going online, by phone or via mail.

Will there be a deposit process for all events at Tanger Center? For example, with the Greensboro Ballet and the Greensboro Symphony?

We do not anticipate having a deposit process for all events or in future Broadway seasons. For our inaugural Broadway season, we found it best to have patrons make these deposits so that we can gauge the volume of orders and help us manage the subscription process. We have the intention to have ‘normal’ on-sale processes for the majority of shows that will include pre-sales where available and public on-sales.

If I am a Donor, I am concerned about the priority I will be given for events at the Tanger Center. Will I be stuck behind the general public when it comes to selecting my seats?

Not to worry! We have a record of all “building donors” for Tanger Center and you have received priority communication and access ahead of the general public. Donors will receive initial ‘deposit’ communication ahead of the general public and will have priority communication when the full inaugural season is announced in spring 2019.

Is it possible to sit with a group of friends who’ve also put down a deposit, but not at the same time as me?

There will be various seating levels and performance days to choose from. There must be available seating in your preferred level and performance at the time of full subscription purchase. When going through the purchasing process on Account Manager, patrons will be able to select their specific seats based on what seats are available.  Please note that seating selections will be made in the order in which deposits were placed.

If my group of friends want to sit together, do we have to buy together?

We suggest that if you want to attend on the same night and sit in the same location with your group of friends, it will be easier for you to buy your seats together on one account.

If I reserve two season seats for the season but wish to add seats for friends for specific shows, will I be able to get seats beside us for them?

Adding seats for specific performances will be subject to availability of the seating for that performance. We will do all we can to assist you but please be aware that adding seats for specific performances may not be guaranteed to be near or adjacent to your season seats. One suggestion would be buying 4 season seats and perhaps sharing with another couple.

Can I buy several deposits/subscriptions and place them across different seating levels and performances?

We suggest that there be separate accounts made for different seating levels/performances. For example, having one account for Tuesday night and a separate account for a Thursday subscription for the different season seat members who are attending.

I am buying a season deposit as a gift. What are my options for gifting?

  • If you are buying for another person, please note you will eventually need to transfer the funds/seats to their name and email address so that they have ownership on Account Manager.
  • What if the person I am buying for already has an account or bought deposits?
    • You will simply be able to contact us  to transfer the funds to the gift receiver’s account.
  • Do you have anything I can print off to go with the gift?
    • Sure thing! You can print this off at home to go in your holiday card.

Will you have accessibility options at Tanger Center?

Sign Language Performances: Tanger Center will be able to provide American Sign Language interpretation for guests with hearing impairment. Requests for an interpreter should be made at the time of ticket purchase. Requests require 30 day notification in advance of the show date.

Audio Described Performances: Audio description can be provide on request and should be made at the time of your ticket purchase, and must go directly through the box office (336.373.7575). Please note that requests require a 30 day notification in advance of the show date.

Tanger Center will feature the latest in state-of-the-art assistive listening systems from LISTEN Technologies which provides advanced listening equipment to large public assembly venues.  The system selected specifically for Tanger Center is the LP-51-072-01 Advanced Intelligent DSP RF Receiver that includes everything needed for conferences, classrooms, or large seated venues.  This system is integrated into the Tanger Center’s custom designed sound systems to provide unique sound experiences for each patron. The system includes one-hundred twenty (120) LR-5200-072 RF receivers, the industry-leading multi-channel digital receiver featuring a compact design, best-in-class pick-up, and reduced noise. Rechargeable battery technology makes the LR-5200-072 an environmentally friendly choice for Tanger Center while offering extended use. Each unit features a micro-USB connection which, in addition to being used for quick and convenient battery charging, also allows for fast and simple firmware updates and programming.  Integrated neck loops and lanyards with DSP loop driver makes the units easy to wear and convenient for listeners with T-coil equipped hearing aids.  An OLED display built into each receiver provides quick information on channel status, battery level, and more.

Service Animals: Service animals are welcome inside the Tanger Center building and must remain on a leash or harness at all times. Please notify your ticket representative at the time of purchase so that they may reserve an aisle seat when available.

What benefits am I entitled to as a Broadway Season Member?

As a Season Seat Member, you are purchasing the same seats for all six shows on the Broadway Season. You are entitled to many member benefits that can be found here as well as special pre-sale opportunities for many non-Broadway events.

What benefits am I entitled to as a Tanger Center Donor?

Benefits for donors can be found here.

I am interested in sponsoring the Tanger Center. Do you have any information?

  • Corporate sponsorships can reach out to Mike Mitchell with IMG at phone number 336.218.5380.
  • If you are interested in being a one-time donor, please visit here

Will you have box seating at the Tanger Center?

Box seating at the Tanger Center will be very limited and we are still reviewing any public opportunities for these limited seats.

I was a Broadway subscriber when events were held at War Memorial Auditorium. It was my understanding that we would have first opportunity to select seats at Tanger Center. Is this true?

When Broadway ended at War Memorial in 2014, there was no plan other than to market to prior purchasers. We want you to know that we highly value our subscribers from War Memorial and you will be receiving communication on getting in now to become a Season Seat Member at Tanger Center. The quality of the next five shows is equivalent to WICKED and while we’re very early in the process, it is time to place your deposit now. However, please note that seats in War Memorial will not correlate to the new Tanger Center.

As a subscriber, will I have any benefits to purchase for other events I may want to attend?

Season Seat Members will receive pre-sale opportunities for non-Broadway events will they are available, but note this is on a show by show basis.

I am also a DPAC Season Seat Member. Will there be overlap with your season shows?

Titles that play Tanger Center will be subject to what is touring and available in each season. We are committed to bringing the very best of Broadway to the Triad with our partners at Nederlander and PFM.

Do I have to do all six Broadway shows or do I get to pick and choose which shows I want on my package?

As a Season Seat Member, you are subscribing to all six shows that are on the Broadway season. Please note this is not connected to concerts, the symphony or the Bryan series.  Should single seats be available after memberships are executed in the spring, they will be placed on sale several months before each Broadway performance week.

Do I have to make deposits for the number of seats I want? What if I end up wanting less seats than the deposit I put down?

You must buy the exact number of seats that you are putting down a deposit for. For example, if you place 4 deposits, you must select 4 subscriptions. If you want to change to 2 seats, you would need to contact us to get a refund for the 2 seats you are no longer needing. We apologize, but due to ticketing system limitations, we would not be able to put your extra deposit credit toward the overall purchase.

Likewise, what if I want to increase the number of seats from the number of deposits that I put down?

You will need to contact us  by phone or e-mail by April 1, 2019 to increase your membership deposits to make sure all seats are under the same account.

What if I have further questions?

Please e-mail us at [email protected] or call the Tanger Center Hotline at 336.373.7575.

Standard Season Seat Terms and Conditions

See terms and conditions here.